Nails of the day!

Good morning! Today is the day after the 4th, I know everyone is either sleeping or groggily sitting at work behind cups of coffee.

Surprisingly, I was up today at 6 am, wide awake. I was so mad at myself. Having went to bed at 2 am, I would think that I would be tired and sleep long and be tired at my alarm.

But no, wide awake, at 6 am. My alarm was set for 8 am. It almost hurt me to think that I lost those 2 hours of sleep. But oh well.

So of course, I did my nails:)

Heres the picture. My toes turned out bad because I put on my shoes before they completely dried.

Oh well:(

I used Essie Turks and Caicos for my toes and Revlon Minted for my hands.

Well thats all for my little nail rant. Enjoy 🙂

Love and kisses,

Miss M

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