Lose that holiday weight+AZO review!!

Hey there!

Speaking of holidays, now that Thanksgiving has passed and the holidays are around the corner, people tend to be on the lookout to have a special someone to spend these special moments together.

It seems to me that it is around holiday season when you get on Facebook or Instagram and start scrolling, all these new couples start appearing! Which is awesome and I’m happy for them! But I don’t think the only reason you should get in a relationship is because you are lonely.

Although I agree yes, it is nice to have someone there by your side during the holidays, I don’t think you should be pressured to find someone just because everyone else is doing it or you don’t want to be alone! Because then technically you find someone only because you want to have someone… get what I’m saying??

I think the most special relationships and the ones that last the longest are the ones that happen when you least expect it and weren’t out looking for it.

And I believe that every single person can find the right person for them, all in the right time! πŸ™‚

So ladies (and gents) how to survice the holiday season:

Go out in a large group of friends and just enjoy the company of each other, do something fun and exciting, like make gingerbread houses or sit around the fire drinking hot apple cider and singing songs and sharing stories!

Go help out a charity for Christimas. Help the less fortunate have a blessed and amazing holiday! It is the season of giving after all!

Surprise someone with a gift. They will love it, I gaurentee it πŸ™‚

Join a choir, go caroling yay!

Those are just some of my ideas, what do you like to do during the Christmas season?

By the way..

How was your Thanksgiving? I know everyone tends to eat more during the holidays, so if you are looking to burn all those calories you ate, here’s the secret:



Hehe if only it was that easy!

I think all holiday meals coould be survived as long as you just don’t go crazy, eat healthy πŸ™‚

Speaking of healthy..

I was sent some AZO products to review.


Keep AZO handy during cuffing season! You wouldn’t want a UTI to ruin your new relationship, or get in the way of your fun single life, during the winter months.

AZO is available in two different forms, AZO Cranberry and AZO Urinary Pain Relief.

AZO Cranberry is designed as a preventative tool for chronic UTI sufferers. It helps cleanse the urinary tract and is the only cranberry supplement that provides a clinically proven daily dose of cranberry. AZO Urinary Pain Relief relieves real pain and goes directly to the source of UTI pain, unlike general pain relievers, providing relief within the hour.

Find the solution that works best for you by heading over to the AZO website now!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of AZO. The opinions and text are all mine.

Stay happy, and most importantly, STAY HEALTHY!!!!

Love and kisses,

Miss M

I <3 nailpolish

Today I’m reviewing a gorgeous polish!

The lovely Barbra from the Etsy I Love Nailpolish shop sent over a few for me to try out and review.

You can check out here shop here

She makes her own polishes, which is awesome!!

First off, I have to say the packaging is AMAZING! For a second I thought I was receiving MAC products!


And next off, I have to say the polish itself is so cute!

I received 4 colors!

The first, Animal Cookie, is described as an array of pink glitters and shapes all with different sizes and hues along with a dash of white hex and sticks in a clear base.


Pretty huh??
Next color is Pi-ya-no, a gorgeous mix of black and white chunks. Described as mixture of black and white hex, sticks and squares in clear base.


This one would look gorgeous on top of a neon polish!
Something about Merry is an unbelievably perfect ratio of green, red and white glitters! The perfect Christmas polish:)


The final one in this set is Once Upon A Starry Night. This one is another gorgeous one! Described as a mix of blue, silver, white, prism and star glitters.


Here’s all of them on swatches of sample nails:

What I really liked about this polish is packaging: I think presentation is very important because it’s one of the first things a customer sees.

Then of course, the obvious, the polish is very professional and top quality and gorgeous! Appealing to all I would say πŸ™‚

And lastly, this polish is unique! There are tons of glitter polishes out there, but this is the first I’ve seen in a long time that has such an interesting variety of different glitters and chunks all in one polish.

I have to go above and rate this polish at least a 6/5! I liked everything about it, there was not one thing I didn’t like.

Again, the site is here

This would be a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for someone this Christmas!

Have a fantastic day!

Love and kisses,

Miss M

Bright lips and a hat kinda day

I am one happy lady.

You know why?
Cuz it’s Friday Friday Friday!!
Ladidaaaaaaaaaa that’s how I feel about them. It just feels so good knowing that tomorrow is Saturday and then after that Sunday and you can kickback and relax, for the most part, hehe πŸ™‚

I had a lovely evening last night, got all dressed up and hung out with my favorite person!








Here’s to a amazing Friday and a lovely weekend! πŸ™‚

Love and kisses,
Miss M

Dark and Dangerous :)

Hi there!
I’ve been getting requests on how to do a dark and dramatic smokey eye look.

So here’s what I came up with!

I had lots of fun making this look happen!
It is a bit dark and out there for many people, but hey, gotta try everything at least once right? πŸ™‚








Try it out, or your own variations πŸ™‚

Love and kisses,
Miss M

Daily Look <3

Has any one heard of Daily Look?


Daily look is an online boutique that has “daily looks”, hence the name Daily Look (Hmm you don’t say?:))

My experience with it has been awesome and I wanted to share it with you all!

You can check it out here

Once you make a free account, they will send you daily looks that you can actually buy the whole outfit, or parts of it.

I think this is such a genious idea! It saves you the trouble of having to put together and shop for outfits, or, what I like to use it for, is to get ideas for what to wear or how to put together outifts!

And another cool thing is, if you share or like their outfits, or log in once a day, they give you 10 points, and I believe you can earn 50-100 a day. After you reach 2000 points, you get $10 credit, and you restart the count. So technically if you do this enough, you can get whole outfits for your credit! I have been a member for a couple months, and have already redeemed my $10 credit towards an awesome pair of shoes:)

If you haven’t checked it out, you are missing out! I love sharing great sites with my readers that actually give you rewards!

Check out the Daily Look site here!

Love and kisses,

Miss M


Neener Neener nails :)

Today I am thankful for being alive and for my family! I found out about a friends death and it just made me realize how short life is and how much we need to appreciate it!!!
Don’t take it for granted and appreciate every single thing, big or small.

I am appreciating glitter nail polish:)

The lovely Annette from the Neener Neener Nails Etsy shop sent over some beautiful polishes that I reviewed.
Her link is here

The first thing you notice when visiting her site is the selection of colors- they are gorgeous!
Her polishes are handmade and top quality.
The first color I tried out was Lil Diva.

By now you know that I am a sucker for glitter nailpolish so I completely loved this one!

It’s described as an opaque glitter polish- loaded with fine pink glitter, light pink glitter, and blue holo short bars. Full of sparkle sparkle sparkle!! πŸ™‚
I think that describes it perfectly:)
The next one was Sparkles.

More sparkles yay!! This one is described as red, pink, turquoise, blue, yellow, silver, gold, purple and green glitter in a clear base.

My pictures seriously don’t even do it justice!
Tinsel Tips is described as silver bars, cranberry holo bars, teal holo bars and light green metallic bars in a clear base.


My favorite one out of the whole bunch is I’ve Princess!!

This one is a light mint green cream/jelly base with rainbow turquoise glitter and stars.

It’s gorgeous!!! πŸ™‚ I like mint hehe.

I swatched these on some nail samples because I had just gotten mine done at the salon and didn’t want to take it off just yet, so this will have to do for now!

My overall rating: 5/5. I also think the mint polish gets a 10/5 because I love it so much! πŸ™‚

This is another really good quality brand and I think it will definitely go big and mainstream very soon!!!
Quality and gorgeous polish is hard to come by these days, so respect to these lovely ladies for working hard to make sure their customers get quality polish and absolute lovely service!
Again their link is here

Have a fantastic day full of glitter and sparkles and love and happiness!

Love and kisses,
Miss M

Why do girls wear makeup?

This question is asked by men near and far.

“Why do we girls wear makeup?”

“You look better without makeup.”

I’m pretty sure every single one of us has heard this a million times.

I agree that sometimes, a girl looks better without makeup. Other times, a girl looks better with makeup.

For example:

This amount of makeup is unnecessary and she probably does look way better without makeup.

But theres another side to this. See, a lot of women struggle with acne, skin problems, discoloration, you name it. So going out with absolutely nothing on their face might make them uncomfortable, ugly, ect. And let me get this straight, there are no ugly women. Our own insecurities and society makes us feel that way.

Every girl is beauiful! We all have our own beauty! If every girl looked the same, beauty would be boring, and we wouldn’t be unique the way we are now.

So to all those guys who complain and start riots and campaigns against us wearing makeup, take a look at some of these photos. Some women are lucky enough to have great skin and loook good without makeup. But others, have things they want to coverup. We are women after all, we all have hormones different from guys that make our skin look the ways it does.

Every girl is fighting her own battle. Some are just lucky to have great skin, some are not. But the bottom line is, a little makeup never hurt anyone.

Especially if it just to even out your skin, enhance your features. So if you are a guy and your momma raised you well, make sure to let women know that they are beautiful, just the way they are Β πŸ™‚

Coffee and gold

Hi there! I haven’t written a post in a while, the Internet in our neighborhood has been off for the past couple days:(

Funny how without the Internet, some of us feel so helpless and lost! (not me, no way!)

Anyway just wanted to share two of my favorite things, coffee and cozy evenings spent in warm clothes and with good people. πŸ™‚






It’s been storming here this past week, and now it’s bright and sunny but FREEZING! Washingtonians sure know how to bundle up!


Keep warm and keep safe!
Love and kisses,
Miss M