Past weeks Outfit of the days :)

Hey there beautiful people!

I haven’t had the time to post an outfit of the day, so I decided to post it all in one post.

Outfit of the days are one of my most favorite things to look at on other blogs. I love getting inspiration from others creativity 🙂


Have a good weekend everyone!

Love and kisses,

Miss M

Naked Palette+ Other Urban Decay palettes favorites

Hey ya’ll!

I’m excited to say I finally got myself a Canon, so from now on I will have better quality pictures!

I know that many people have heard of the Naked palette from Urban Decay, and many already have it. If not,  hope this convinces you to go out and get it!

Urban Decay also has a bunch of other great palettes, as well as a Naked palette #2.

Urban Decay has some of the best quality eye shadows I have ever tried in my life, and the best color selections as well.

Here is my beat up Naked palette!


The inside- I know it looks like I barely used it, but I have used this for the past 6 months and barely made a dent!

It has 12 gorgeous neutral shades, from light to almost black. If you need a palette with colors to do many various looks, this is the  palette for you!! It retails for $50, but I know you can find it cheaper sometimes. For that price, it is like paying $4 per eyeshadow, and normally their single shadows range from $15 and up!

Another palette I love is the Roller Girl Palette.


It contains 4 colors, 3 nuetrals and one bright pink.


This one retails for about $32, but I got it on sale for $13. I love this palette because you can do lots of neutral looks, and always add a pop of color whenever you feel the need.

I really enjoy the neutral colors and looks, as you can tell. Not much into the crazy colorful eyes, but that is just my preference. Finally here is the last one on my list:

The Book of Shadows IV Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette.


I love this palette, it has the cutest packaging ever!


The shadows are hidden in a secret drawer hehe. Pull it out and you get….


16 beautiful shades ranging from neutral to bright to deep colors. You also get a mascara, eyeliner, primer potion, and flash drive..? Haha yeah I’m not sure why that’s in there but thanks?

Anyhoo I hope I have inspired yoou to tey out Urban Decay palettes, they are amazing, so smooth and pigmented. Hope ya’ll have a good evening!

Love and kisses,

Miss M