Mini haul!

I just got back from a quick run to the mall, and I just want to share my little haul:)

Most people who knnow me know that I am completely obsessed and a fanatic for Bath and Body Works and especially their candles.

I can’t help it. I have a stash of like 20 of them and I still want more! They just smell so good. One sniff and I gotta have it!

As most of you know, they’re having their big annual sale so candles are $10, or even less if you are lucky. I picked up these 4 suckers. I have almost every candle in this years tropical collection.

Smells like pineapples and pina coladas. Reminds me of Hawaii (not that I’ve ever been there).


Smells more sweet and coconuty. Very yummy:)


This smells sooooo good! I would drink this if I could! So lemonadey and yummy!!!!!!!!!!


I read that this is their top rated candle scent. Not sure why its called salsa, cuz it has no resemblence to salse smells. It smells like mangos and sweetness! I can see why this is their top rated scent! 🙂


Then I headed over to Nordstroms and got myself some colorful flats.

Love the toe tip color blocking thats going on:)

Cute pair of ruby red flats.

I love the mall.

I need to stop shopping.

I need to  start saving.

Who am I kidding!

Love and kisses,

Miss M

2 thoughts on “Mini haul!

  1. Oo I’m tempted to get some candles now, I can just imagine the dreamy scents!

    I’m not usually a fan of pure flats (I need at least an inch on the back to walk comfortably) but those are super cute!

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