Hey everyone!

I have exciting news. A few friends of mine have been working on an AMAZING app for over a year now, and it is finally done and officially launched! The app is called Slync. It’s super unique and fun, and exclusive to the Seattle area to date, but will soon be expanding globally:)


My first thoughts when playing around with it was that its like Pinterest, only it provides you with prices and locations and store/boutique locations and names so if you see what you like, you can actually go out and get it!


A few cool features:

Discovery Mode
– Slync shows you what people are buying around you based on your location.
– You can search for something (e.g. “makeup) and all of the closest makeup items will appear in the feed.
– You get the picture, price, location and hashtags of the item.
– You’ll be able to walk into a store, pull up the app and see what the most popular items are.

My Feed Mode
– You can share your purchases in your feed.
– Take a picture, upload it onto Slync, add hashtags and add the price.
– Your location is automatically pulled up
– You have the option to make your post public or private
– Why would you make it private? If you want to keep track of what you post privately.


– Instead of likes, or shares, Slync lets you “thank” others.
– You can see how many thank you’s you have collected over time
– “Double tap” to thank someone

The “1K Users”
– These are the first 1,000 users
– They were the early adapters
– Their accounts are eminent with the “1K” symbol and various distinct privileges.

If you are in the Seattle area, definitely go and check it out at the App store. 


Have fun 🙂

Love and kisses,

Miss Viktoriya

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