Fur & Roses





Happy Sunday! I took a very much needed weekend off, and I can’t even say what 3 days of enough sleep can do for the soul! 🙂

First off, I have been making some changes to the blog- as you can see it is no lobger called Lipstick and Stilletos but now Seattle Chic!

This is all part of some big and exciting changes that are happening in the future… stay tuned 🙂

Haven’t had much time to do an outfit post because of school.. WHHHHYY. But since today I actually rollled out of bed and decided to put on a fancy shmancy outfit, I decided to share.

I am wearing a faux fur vest from Forever 21 and a floral blouse that I picked up at a vintage shop downtown Seattle.  Bag- Louis Vuitton Alma bag I recieved as a birthday gift from my parents.  Heels- Nordstrom and skirt Zara.

It was been significantly chilly here and this vest so warm and cozy and kept me nice and snuggly.

Don’t be afraid of pairing different prints and textures- that’s why I love fashion, you can rock anything with the right attitude and accessories 🙂

With that I am off to get my daily dose of Starbucks before I go crazy.

Love and kisses,


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