Greek Goodness :)

This week I received my #GoodVoxBox courtesy of Influenster and I am just impressed.

Particularly, the Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Bars. Now I don’t get impressed easily, but I was truly happy with this product!

Zone Perfect Greek Yogurt Bars come in 3 flavors, Greek Yogurt Chocolate, Greek Yogurt Raspberry, and Greek Yogurt Vanilla Berry. My Influenster box contained Vanilla Berry.

I’m munching on it now as I write, it seriously tastes like candy. I can’t believe it’s healthy! One bar contains 3 grams of Fiber and most importantly, 12 grams of Protein. Whoohoo for all the health food and fitness lovers out there!


I don’t do food reviews often, so you know it’s good when I do 🙂

Check them out at your local store and online. I know you’ll be obsessed with them 🙂

Talk to you soon!

Love and kisses,

Miss M

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