Hey everyone!

For the past 2 weeks, a heavy fog has settled over Seattle.
When I say heavy fog, I literally mean heavy fog! At night you can’t see 2 feet I front of you, it’s that thick!
It’s a little strange, I have never seen anything like it.

I braved the icy cold today for work and right before I managed to snap a shot of my outfit.

I am also rocking some lovely dark plum lips- and I am loving it!!!!









20130121-191046.jpgThats all for today, hehe.

Much love and kisses,

Miss M

32 thoughts on “Plum.

  1. I know what you’re saying. It really is never this foggy here! It’s been kinda fun, but makes it a little tricky to find places. I love your yellow coat and the color of your lipstick. You are a total expert at applying make-up. It’s beautiful!

  2. Ooh, love the lipstick!! Suits you so well. That fog is bizarre.. But it adds an element of mystery to the day! Just got your message on IFB and replied there but thought I would leave you a little comment as well 🙂


  3. Hey,
    great outfit. I love your blog.
    I am always looking for new inpressions for my blog.
    Its just newly created. I am gonna follow you now than i dont miss new posts.

    Love Lara

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