Fiery sunset

Hey everyone!!

Today Seattle had one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen! I was amazed, couldn’t stop snapping photos of the sky!




I also managed to do an outfit of the night!



Also wanted to mention, Romwe, a brand I have been collaborating with, is having an awesome giveaway!


Over 100 pieces FREE leggings, 5 winners picked daily
Valid dates: 1/12/2013 – 2/6/2013
The giveaway is only valid on their Streetbelle facebook page found HERE

All you have to do:
1. Like the Streetbelle facebook:
2. Register at ROMWE and leave it on the Facebook giveaway page


Romwe Winter’s Final Offer

Up to 70% OFF

Date: 1/16/2013 – 1/18/2013

Only Three Days! HURRY!


Have a fantastic day! ❤

Love and kisses,

Miss M

14 thoughts on “Fiery sunset

  1. Beautiful gradient sunset indeed!

    Your hair looks always fabulous, love it! Is it natural or extensions? If it’s natural how do you grow it so healthy looking?


    • Thank you! I have been growing it out forever! I use macademia or argan oil after the shower, do leave in deep conditioning treatments every week, and take hair and nail vitamins 🙂 Oh and trim it about half an inch every month or so 🙂

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your message on IFB – I’m a fellow Seattle blogger and am following you on Bloglovin’ now. =) We have been getting some gorgeous sunsets lately!! I would love it if you can check out my blog too and follow if you like it:

    Avec Amber

    Thanks so much!


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