Purely Gorgeous!❤

Hey beautifuls!

It’s so cold here in Seattle, and it has even raining 24/7.. Which is kind of a bummer!!

I’ve noticed in the cold, winter months my skin gets so dry and dead. No my lips are always chapped too! I probably apply lotion and lip balm on 100 times a day but no luck!

But have no fear, I have a solution! I was introduced to some wonderful body scrubs and lip scrubs by the lovely Dana from Purely Gorgeous Skincare.

You can find her page here

Her Etsy shop is full of all-natural bath and body products that rejuvenate your skin. The awesome part is they are chemical free!!!!! That got my attention!

I was sent a few lowly products and after a month of trying them, I have the results!! (drum roll please)


One thing I have discovered from this body scrub is that I am ticklish!!! But more importantly, that I can have nice, soft skin in the winter!
This scrub is an all natural, exfoliating scrub handcrafted in Napa Valley using brown sugar and vanilla essential oils.
It contains vanilla, which is a superb antioxidant for the skin and has a relaxing and calming effect in the brain. I’m a believer in scrubs after trying this one, it smells like cookies fresh from the oven and feels OH so good!!! 🙂
It retails for $15.95 for a big far and seriously lasts forever!


This next concoction you see if not edible!! Hehe 🙂 This is the Rose Geranium Sugar body scrub. One scent of this makes all your troubles go away! “The heady scent of roses and the refreshing aroma of geraniums combine for a botanically inspired, bliss-inducing scrub. Rose Geranium essential oil has been used throughout history as a waking tonic and mood elevating supplement, and known for reviving tired skin”.
Sounds lovely doesn’t it? Well it is!!! Using this made me feel like I was at a spa, so relaxing and comforting! Not to mention, leaves my skin softer than a baby’s bottom. 🙂
This retails for $15.95 for a big jar as well.


The last product is the Pink Grapefruit Lip Scrub. First off, the smell is AMAZING. If you like fruity scents, even of you don’t, you will love this. I was transported to the tropics. 🙂
“Purely Gorgeous Pink Grapefruit Lip Sugar Scrub makes dry, in kissable lips a thing of the past. The essence of grapefruit works magic on even the most parched pouts, while Vitamin E oil goes deep under the skin, keeping your kisser prepped for smooth smooches day and night”. I use this every morning and night and my lips have been so smooth, bye bye chapped lips! 🙂
This retails at $7.95 for a jar.

Hands down, I was so happy with how the products worked, they did exactly what they promised and exceeded them! Definitely 5/5, this is seriously what every girl needs to keep her skin glowing and smooth!

Check out her shop here and try these goodies for yourself!

Have a lovely day!

Love and kisses,

Miss M

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