Kelara Lacquers❤

Hey everyone!

I love discovering new brands and products that I have never heard of that turn out to surprise me and I end up loving.

Take nail polish for example, when I first started, I thought OPI was the one and only brand to use and no other can compare.

Well I was proven wrong, because I have been discovering some amazing nail polish brands, and today I want to share the one I think is my favorite to date.

Kelara Lacquers is a Etsy shop run by the sweet future husband and wife team of Kellen Scott and Tara Jobe.
When I read their “About” section, my heart was warmed at the story of how they met and started this brand.

You can read it here

They make gorgeous polishes that are 3-free and 100% cruelty free.

Here are the gorgeous polishes I received. I really liked the bottle shape, they are easier to hold and feel better in the hand (if that makes sense) 🙂



This pretty color called Eight Crazy Nights is described as “a gorgeous glitter bomb perfect for Hanukkah with various shades of blue and silver glitter in a clear base, part of the Festivus for the Rest of Us Collection, which will make your holidays merry, bright, and extra sparkly with shimmer, glitter, and metallics galore!”

Glitter bomb is the perfect word to describe it, it is so sparkly and pretty on the nails.

Check out the Festivus for the Rest of Us Collection here and see the other pretty colors from the collection.



This color is so pretty, reminds me of princesses and fairies! It is called Dragon Scales and is said to “transport you to a world of fairy tales with its dreamy green shimmer and golden flecks, part of the Fantasy Collection, which will sweep you away to a distant land full of fun and whimsy”.

This beautiful collection can be seen here



Mother Earth is described as “a stunning glitter polish made of warm, earth toned, metallic glitters, part of the Colors for a Cause Collection and represents the environment”

What is great about this polish and the other ones in that collection is that $2 will be donated to the Charity it represents for each polish!

See the collection here



Daydream is described as “a polish that will have you dreaming of gum drips and Lilly pops with its creamy base and fun periwinkle, pink, and turquoise glitter, and it is also part of the Fantasy Collection”.



Teacher’s Little Helper is “a gorgeous glitter bomb that includes apple red, black, and silver glitter in a clear base, also part of the Colors for a Cause Collection”.

I’m really happy with these polishes, they are very thick and opaque- meaning that you only need one coat to get a good coat of color.

I definitely will be trying out the other polishes and collections they have, and I think these would also be the ULTIMATE gift for that fashionable and beauty obsessed person in your life.

I already know my sister is going to love these for Christmas!

I rate these a 11/10, because I was impressed with everything- the packaging, color selection, opaqueness, creativity, and the fact that they are cruelty free and 3-free!

I hope you all will love them as much as I do!!

Love and kisses,
Miss M

9 thoughts on “Kelara Lacquers❤

    • 3-free refers to 3 ingrediants that are used in a lot of cosmetics and they are considered the 3 worst ones for you, so alot of companies have actually been changing their formulas and not including them 🙂 I have the gold OPI one and dont like it because the glitters always snag onto my clothes 😦

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