Why do girls wear makeup?

This question is asked by men near and far.

“Why do we girls wear makeup?”

“You look better without makeup.”

I’m pretty sure every single one of us has heard this a million times.

I agree that sometimes, a girl looks better without makeup. Other times, a girl looks better with makeup.

For example:

This amount of makeup is unnecessary and she probably does look way better without makeup.

But theres another side to this. See, a lot of women struggle with acne, skin problems, discoloration, you name it. So going out with absolutely nothing on their face might make them uncomfortable, ugly, ect. And let me get this straight, there are no ugly women. Our own insecurities and society makes us feel that way.

Every girl is beauiful! We all have our own beauty! If every girl looked the same, beauty would be boring, and we wouldn’t be unique the way we are now.

So to all those guys who complain and start riots and campaigns against us wearing makeup, take a look at some of these photos. Some women are lucky enough to have great skin and loook good without makeup. But others, have things they want to coverup. We are women after all, we all have hormones different from guys that make our skin look the ways it does.

Every girl is fighting her own battle. Some are just lucky to have great skin, some are not. But the bottom line is, a little makeup never hurt anyone.

Especially if it just to even out your skin, enhance your features. So if you are a guy and your momma raised you well, make sure to let women know that they are beautiful, just the way they are  🙂

26 thoughts on “Why do girls wear makeup?

  1. I always hear guys say that or tell me that and my answer is they just don’t get it. I mean I love my makeup but I also love to take care of my skin& make sure it’s healthy. Bt makeup is like an accessory! It’s like wearing jewelry or perfume and it’s fun! One of the best parts of being a female in my opinion!

  2. There are very few of us who have the perfect complexion, the perfect brow line, and so on. Woman having been wearing make-up for thousands of years. Hurrah for make-up!! Virginia

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  4. the first picture! make up is over done, i wouldn’t put as much at a wedding! i totally agree that women should put some make up at least a bit of foundation and a blush in order to enhance her beauty and not conceal it…nice post

  5. I totally agree that a little make up won’t hurt. But unfortunately there are a lot of girls that just do not get the meaning of “a little” and do to their face something that is way far from being nice to the eyes.

    I think a nice guy, is someone who’s able to see his girl’s beauty with AND wthout make up. 😀



  6. You’re totally right. It’s all about wearing makeup but making it look natural. I’m willing to bet that no one actually thinks women look better without makeup, they just don’t like it when it’s overdone. That first picture is so awful that it’s awesome. I thought it was computer generated.

  7. Totally agree! I wear makeup because I love it! I have fun putting it on everyday and playing around with all the different products I have. I try to make an effort to do something a little different everyday. Although I don’t like when the tabloids make fun of celebrities that go out without makeup on, I’m like ‘big deal, they look like regular people!’ haha

  8. Nice post! Totally agree! 🙂 My hubby often thinks wearing red lipstick is wearing too much makeup already even if there’s nothing else on my face (take for example this look: http://melowandmakeup.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/everyday-look-red-lips-for-grocery/)

    A little makeup won’t hurt, and men should be grateful if their women are exerting effort just to look good for them — especially those that aren’t too blessed with great skin or good looks. Makeup is fine, as long as it’s not overdone 🙂

  9. it’s true! Even some guys look better with make up on! I mean look at the actorss they look so much better in the movies, I wish I knew how to put make up on too! But I suck at it! haha the only thing I’m good at is putting my mascara on haha 😦

  10. Totally agree. I believe bfs who tell u you look better without make-up r probably just lieing because they hate waiting for you b4 goin out on dates.

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