Maybelline 24hr ColorTattoo by EyeStudio

Earlier this week I had a chance to finally play around with my Maybelline 24hr color tattoos!

They come in 9 permanent shades, and every now and then, a few limited edition colors.

I was sent 4 shades: 35 Tough as Toupe, 25 Bad to the Bronze, 45 Bold Gold, 100 Barely Beige.

All of them are from the permanent collection except 100 Barely Beige.

They claim to last 24 hours because of the ink technology for the most intense, long lasting color saturation.

These retail at $6.99 in most places I’ve seen.

The first color, 35 Tough as Taupe is a taupey grayish color with no shimmer.


This color goes on completely matte. I found it good to apply underneath shadows to keep them lasting longer.

The next color was 25 Bad to the Bronze. I really liked this one, you can see why:


A beautiful gold bronze color with nice shimmer. This is one of my favorites out of all the colors!

The next color was 45 Bold Gold, another favorite of mine!


This color is a beautiful, rich gold with beautiful shimmer. I love this color!

The last color was from one of the non-permanent collections-100 Barely Beige. This color is a nice light shimmery light pink color.


This color is a very close dupe for MACs paint pot in Bare Study.

These are very nice shadows- they are very pigmented, creamy, and last a long time! When it came time to take them off, it took several tries to get it off! (not sure if that’s a good thing or not)

I really liked the colors, I’m more of a basic neutral color girl instead of the bright crazy colors, so these suited me very well 🙂 I also liked how these were so easy and fast to apply, I used my fingers, didn’t even need a brush!

Here is a smokey look I created using the shadows as well as some powder shadows in the crease:


I really enjoyed these- a 10/10 in my book! I will definitely go out and get more colors.

Go out and get you some!

Have a lovely Monday and remember to smile:)

Love and kisses,

Miss M

5 thoughts on “Maybelline 24hr ColorTattoo by EyeStudio

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  2. The four new colors are Barely Beige (light shimmery nude), Gold Shimmer (deep honey gold), Mossy Green (moss green… yeah that name wasn’t too clever), and Rich Mahogany (deep shimmery brown). I love this color selection, especially for fall.

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