Revlon Colorburst LipButters

Hi there!
So basically, Revlon Colorburst LipButters are amazing. Anything with the word butter in it is amazing. The end.

Haha no but really, I love these! I had the opportunity to try one of them out sent to me by Revlon, and I immediately fell in love.

So I went out an got a few more shades… Hehe.


Revlon came out with 20 shades of these, ranging from nude to pink to red to plum.


They are a “buttery balm with beautiful shiny colors to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips” and “94% of women felt their lips were softer, smoother and instantly hydrated”.


The first shade I got was 075 Lollipop.


This shade is a hot pinkish, raspberry color.


Here it is on the lips:


It feels very moisturizing and smoothing and looks very glossy, but is not sticky. The color is also very pigmented in this shade.

The next shade was 090 Sweet tart.


This shade is a light hot pink color, very Barbie pink:)


Here it is on this lips:


Next color I got was 025 Peach Parfait.


This color is a peachy, nude color.
Here it is on the lips:


The next color is 045 Cotton Candy. This color is a nude shimmery light pink.



Here it on the lips:


Next color on the list is 001 Pink Truffle.

The color isn’t pink, more light brownish mauve.


Here it is on the lips:


Next shade is 070 Cherry Tart. This is a light red.


On the lips:


Up next, 015 Tutti Fruiti, a tangerine/orange color.




On the lips:


Next is 085 Sugar Plum, a light plum/mauve color.

On the lips:


And finally, 010 Raspberry Pie. A nice raspberry color.

On the lips:


I definitely loved these, they have such a great consistency and color payoff. And they make my lips look and feel great:) 10/10 in my book!
Ill have to try out the other colors πŸ™‚

What are some of your favorite colors?


Love and kisses,
Miss M

23 thoughts on “Revlon Colorburst LipButters

  1. I have tutti fruiti and cherry tart, which are both colours that I liked the most when I swatched the testers at Boots. But after looking at your review, I think I’ll try sugar plum and cherry tart because they look so lovely on your lips!

    PS. Thanks for the like and follow!

    • They are very similiar to lip balm, but with a little bit of color, so definitley not as long lasting as lipstick, you’d need to reapply more often, but still very fun πŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the post! It’s very helpful with the swatches on your hand and then on your lips! πŸ˜‰ I love these lip products, definitely. Too sad once I finally found them here (I live in Italy) they disappeared right after two weeks, as if they were a limited edition. I got the chance to buy only Sugar Frosting, but I wish I bought more! =(

  3. I was going to get Pink Truffle today, but they were out! I have Sugar Plum and Creamsicle; I like SP waaaaay better. I’m so attracted to Peach Parfait, but the shimmer turns me off! Is it bothersome?

  4. I’ve been on the hunt for a new pink – will definitely be testing out “lollipop!” Revlon is a personal fave in the lipstick department, but I’m pumped to get a few lip butters now πŸ™‚

  5. Raspberry is definitely my favorite on you. It’s so bright. I want to try out that color myself, but I have yet to work up the nerve to wear something so daring on my lips. You rock it though! πŸ™‚

  6. Love Lolipop! I reach for my Revlon Lip Butters more than anything else. This is such a big post. Must have taken you a lot of time. Very well done. ❀

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