Review! Smoobie Brush

Hi y’all!

Just wanted to share a great product I had the opportunity to review and try out!

The awesome people over at Smoobee sent me one of their No tangle Hair brushes to try and see how I like it.

Check out their website HERE

This brush is aimed at children and their hair, but let me tell you, I used ot for myself as well and I love it! I have extrememly long hair so it is always a hassle to brush it. I also tried the brush out on my little sister, who is 5 and has really long hair too (we have never cut it since she has been born).

Here is the brush.

It comes in pink, purple, and turquoise…ooh la la! Kids love the colors and the size is perfect for their hands. They simply won’t let it go and will play with it all day long. (neither did I hehe)

The brush is made with 2 different types of bristles, so it brushes through your hair with twice the detangling power than a normal brush!

So I decided to put it to the ultimate test:

Here is my little sister in the morning with unbrushed bed hair.

And… here is her hair after brushinh with the Smoobee brush!

This is a HUGE feat because brushing her long hair on the mornings entails with a lot of crying, whining, and tears. She has naturally curly/wavy hair so that makes it even harder!

My verdict: This brush is awesome! If you have a younger brother/sister, or a young child, definitely check it out!!! It saves you a lot of time, tears and stress!!! lol

Love and kisses,

Miss M

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