Search for Amazing Concealer

I feel like I am always searching for a concealer that actually conceals!

As a college student, I have accepted the fact that the long sleepless nights spent studying leave me with permanent dark circles around my eyes.

Because of this, I decided I need to find a concealer that can magically hide these dark spots and make me look like I had a nice full nights worth of sleep.

I stumbled upon ELF corrective concealer.


From first glance, it looks nice. The packaging is sturdy and clean, looks more than the $3 I payed for it.


Inside, it comes with 4 colors of concealer. Two shades of beige, a pink and a green.

At first touch, they are a little stiff, the formula isn’t very creamy, but once you warm it up with your finger, it melts down to a smooth consistency. I mixed all 4 colors to match my skin.


I decided to test and see how well it covers. I have a small freckle on my hand.


Here is what it looked after applying the concealer and trying to conceal it.


So this concealer actually does concealing! Yay! I admit it is not the best, but for $3, you can definitely get away with this concealer.

I give this product a 8/10. The consistency wasn’t the best, and the coverage also isn’t what you would get with a $30 concealer, but for $3, it works.

If you are looking for a lower end concealer, try this one out.

Love and kisses,

Miss M

7 thoughts on “Search for Amazing Concealer

  1. I HIGHLY recommend Tarte Maracuja Oil Creaseless Concealer. It covers dark circles like none other, looks natural, and lasts all day! It’s kind of expensive (around $24) but it lasts forever. It sounds like you found a great steal for $3 though!

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