Bye Bye Oily Skin, Hello Gorgeous!

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with oily skin.

No matter how much powder, no matter how much blotting paper I use, My nose and forehead and cheeks always end up shiny.

I have tried lots of products- primers, foundations, mattifiers, setting sprays, and yes, my face has improved, but not to the point where I am satisfied!

Well that was until I met my dear friend, Mister Clean and Clear Mattifying Cleanser!!

When I saw the little pink bottle at Walmart for $3,97, I didn’t think I would recieve any results. I wasnt expecting anything apart from another cleanser. I was wrong!

This cleanser has literally changed my face. I am no longer shiny, alllllllldayyyyyyylooooooong!

The cool thing about this cleanser is instead of being a normal typical cleanser, its sort of like a mask. It doesn’t get all foamy and soapy like a cleanser, Instead it is thick and mask like. You leave it on for a minute, and then wash it off. Walaaah!

Then you apply your makeup, go out and conquer the world, shine free. 🙂

If you are battling oily skin, I ask that you try this out. You will wonder where it has been all your life 🙂

Love and kisses,

Miss M


One thought on “Bye Bye Oily Skin, Hello Gorgeous!

  1. I will have to look for this product! I hope it is available in Canada – as I am always having an epic battle with oily skin and I hate it. Thanks for sharing! 😀

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