Product to be careful of!

The purpose of this post is to warn you about a product out there that I have tried.

It might not affect everyone the way it did me, but its better safe then sorry!

Recently I purchased and started using a new cleaser.

It is the Biore Blemish fighting Ice Cleanser.

Old packaging

New packaging

Biore has been switching up their packaging so either of those two ^ are still the same product.

I heard so many great reviews on this product, it even has an award from Allure beauty for being one of the best face washes!

My skin is very unsensitive, it has never reacted before in my life.. literally. So I didnt consider this roduct to be any different!

The first time I used it, I fell in love. The gel gives a cooling sensation on the skin and feels so fresh.

I loved how it made my skin feel. The next day, it felt the same, though I felt my skin getting super tight.

I figured that was my skin adjusting so I slathered on extra moisturizer.

The 3rd day, my skin started burning. I quickly washed it off, but the burning continued.

Throughout the day, my skin progressively got worse, bumps started appearing. It looked like hives.

It was also very red, poofy and so itchy! It was also hot to the touch, like a  fever. I was freaking out, I have never reacted to any ingredient before, and this product didn’t seem to have any new ingredients I have never tried before!

I immediatly went online to check out reviews and to see whether people have experienced the same thing I have.

Sure enough, there were countless negative reviews that I didn’t pay attention to before, because I didn’t think I would have a problem.

My skin reaction lasted for about a week, during the time I didn’t apply any makeup because it just felt so uncomfortable.

I really loved this product at first, it was so refreshing, but sadly, we cannot be friends.

Im writing this post just to warn you all about trying new products, make sure you do the research, and test out the product on a small part of your face, unlike me, who slathered it all over without even thinking.

Has anyone else experienced bad reactions to any products? I’d love to hear what products to be wary of, let me know down below!

Love and kisses,

Miss M

2 thoughts on “Product to be careful of!

  1. This is exactly what has happened to me, my face burned & has been burning for 3 days now, very hot to touch with tiny pimples EVERYWHERE. I’ve had to see the doctor & have been prescribed 3 different types of medicine. Same thing has now happened to my sister, I have never reacted to a product and the impact of this one is immense. Absolutely horrified at what it did to my face.

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