Ooeygoey monkey bread=delicious.

I was in a baking mood today. Whenever I feel the need to bake, I open up my trusty binder full of recipes, pick one randomly, and make it.

Today I picked cream cheese monkey bread. Sounded intriguing. So I went about making it.

Making the sugar covered dough balls.

After a couple minutes in the oven, the house began to smell absolutely DIVINE!!

Finished result!

This turned out AMAZING!!!! So delicious, oh my gosh. Like I can’t even describe to you what it tastes like, you HAVE to try it for yourself. On top of that, its so easy to make!


Cream Cheese Monkey Bread

-3 cans biscuits – 8 0z cream cheese -1/2 cup brown sugar – 2 tsp cinnamon -1 stick melted buter

1. Flatten biscuits. Cut cream cheese in 30 cubes. Put in each biscuit and roll up and seal it.

2. Dip in melted butter, then cinnamon sugar mixture. Drop in greased bundt pan.

3 Bake @ 350 for about 40 minutes.



Love and kisses,

Miss M

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