NYX Review!!

A couple weeks ago, I made my way to ULTA. There, I stumbled upon NYX.

Funny thing is, I have never tried NYX products. I just never got around to it,

me and NYX never crossed paths. Until now.

I ended up purchasing 4 soft matte lip creams and 2 jumbo eyeshadow pencils. Starting out small 🙂

lip creams and jumbo eye pencils

The soft matte lip creams were very weird, but interestingly, that’s why I ended up liking them!

When you first put them on your lips, they have an oily feel to them. The formula is very smooth and has a very light scent, barely noticeable.
The color is very pigmented too! Once dried,  they are similar to matte lipstick.
What I loved about these is that they don’t dry your lips out. After a couple of hours, they wear off, but the color is very pigmented ans stays on your lips, like a lip stain.
I also purchased 2 Jumbo eye pencils, both in milk. My first impression of them was that they glide on so smoothly, its crazy! They are also waterproof, so would be a good base to use for eye shadows as well as eye liners.

Colors left to right, Jumbo eye pencil in milk, Lip cream in Istanbul, San Paulo, Milan, Addis Ababa

My first impression of NYX is……
A+! I was really impressed with the quality and uniqueness of the products, as well as price. I will be incorporating NYX products into my beauty regime and I am really looking forward to trying more NYX products.

What are your favorite NYX products?

Love and kisses,

Miss M

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